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Influence of SiC and FeSi addition on the characteristics of gray cast iron …

Journal of Materials Processing Technology 160 (2005) 183–187 Influence of SiC and FeSi addition on the characteristics of gray cast iron melts poured at different temperatures K. Edalati, F. Akhlaghi∗, M. Nili-Ahmadabadi Department of Metallurgy and Materials

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A double treatment incorporating preconditioning with inoculation improved the thermal analysis parameters, and consequently, the quality of the cast iron. If standard Ca-FeSi alloys do not have sufficient inoculation potential, the addition of the inoculant enhancing alloy (S, O and oxy-sulphides forming elements) will greatly enhance inoculation, well illustrated by changes to the thermal

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Powdered form of iron typically < 250 microns is phrased as iron powder. Commercial manufacturing of iron powder is majorly restricted to atomization, carbonyl, electrolytic and reduction routes. Powders from the later three techniques generally er to special iron powders applicable to non-powder metallurgy segments such as food fortifiion, chemical reagents, water purifiion, etc.

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Characteristics of different cast iron types Cast iron materials and properties with respect to processing conditions and alloy content Grey irons Compacted graphite cast irons Ductile irons ( nodular cast iron) Other cast iron types Inoculation of graphite in cast

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Multiple inoculation of ductile iron and the effects on the structure and mechanical properties have being investigated. Samples of ductile iron were produced with inoculation carried

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With the aim of improving the thermal conductivity and tensile strength of pearlitic gray cast iron, the influence of inoculation on structure and properties was experimentally investigated. Three group of irons with similar compositions were inoculated by Zr-FeSi, Sr-FeSi, and SiC inoculants, respectively. The metallographic analysis was used to measure the maximum graphite length, primary

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Evolution of Shrinkage with Carbon Equivalent and Inoculation in Ductile Cast …

Keywords: nodular cast iron, shrinkage, inoculation, carbon equivalent Abstract. Studying how shrinkage porosity changes size when varying the composition of ductile irons is still of interest for manufacturing sound cast parts and defining optimised processing

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Process Control for the Production of Compacted Graphite Iron

1 Abstract Compacted Graphite iron provides at least 70% higher tensile strength, 35% higher elastic modulus and approximately double the fatigue strength of conventional gray cast iron. In comparison to the common aluminium alloys, CGI provides double the

The effect of inoculant on the structure and properties of …

(1999). The effect of inoculant on the structure and properties of gray iron. International Journal of Cast Metals Research: Vol. 11, Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on the Science and Processing of Cast Iron—Part One, pp. 363-367.

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Inoculation: treatment conducted on base cast iron to guarantee a first transformation through an heterogeneous nucleation process adding in small quantities substances such as carbides, nitrides and oxides (nucleating agents).

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well as stimulation technique on molten metal including processing of the liquid alloy with nanosecond electromagnetic pulses. The developed method of cast iron inoculation allows to eliminate the flare and to increase the physical and mechanical

Evolution of Shrinkage with Carbon Equivalent and …

Abstract: Studying how shrinkage porosity changes size when varying the composition of ductile irons is still of interest for manufacturing sound cast parts and defining optimised processing conditions. [8] P. Larrañaga, J. M. Gutiérrez, A. Loizaga, J. Sertucha, R. Suárez, A computer-aided system for melt quality and shrinkage propensity evaluation based on the solidifiion process of

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5/8/2020· This report summarizes a two-year project, DE-FC07-011D13983 that concerns the gating of aluminum castings in permanent molds. The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of aluminum castings produced in permanent molds. The approach taken …


through the processing in the ladle (inoculation and modifiion) to pouring of cast iron into a mold. Nowadays, thermal analysis, wedge and ultrasound tests are used for the control of melt after melting in a

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351 Vol.11 .4 ly 2014 Ceeratin the 10th Anniversary 2004-2014 pecial Report CI RYNew developments in high quality grey cast irons *Iulian Riposan, Mihai Chisamera, and Stelian Stan POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, Romania Abstract: The paper reviews original data obtained by the present

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Effects of heat-treatment on the microstructure and wear resistance of a high-chromium cast iron for rolls Structure of annealed steel according to the presented scheme consists of globular grains of sorbitelike pearlite (the grain score according to GOST 19265-73 is 9-10), residues of torn carbide network over grain boundaries, and uniformly distributed disperse carbides (Figure 1, b).